Personalized Guidance In Real Estate Cases

At The Probst Law Firm, PA, I am proud to be the local attorney for Kansas and Missouri real estate matters. From day one, you will receive premier and high-quality representation. I provide one-of-a-kind and customized guidance so that you are well-versed in your rights under the law. Together, we will work to resolve your legal issue.

Nearly Two Decades Of Experience In Real Estate Law

I can represent you in real estate matters involving:

  • Tax foreclosures
  • Deed preparation
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Purchase and sale closings
  • Quiet title actions
  • Landlord evictions and issues with leases
  • Liens

What Are Defenses To Foreclosure?

Do not give up after receiving a notice of default. There are ways to fight foreclosures and win. I have helped dozens of clients to reclaim their properties and fight lenders who made mistakes or engaged in illegal practices.

Common defenses to foreclosure include assertions that:

  • You did not receive proper notification
  • The mortgage agreement was flawed
  • The mortgage agreement was fraudulent
  • You signed the mortgage agreement under undue influence
  • You were scammed by a predatory lender
  • The lender did not follow statutes

Why Do I Need A Lawyer When Buying Or Selling Real Estate?

In Kansas, buyers and sellers of real estate are required to hire an attorney. However, Missouri does not have the same requirement. You have the option of foregoing legal counsel altogether, but this is not always a good idea.

Real estate transactions involve a substantial amount of paperwork such as contracts, deed preparation, title searches, title insurance and more. You may not have the time or knowledge necessary to thoroughly review these documents and understand what you are agreeing to. You may make a mistake in the process that will be expensive and difficult to rectify. I can pinpoint areas of concern in contracts and provide guidance on their contents.

Furthermore, negotiations are a critical component of buying and selling real estate. I am a skilled negotiator who can wage persuasive arguments, as I am familiar with common industry practices, homeowners' associations, seller disclosures, fair market values and real estate laws.

Are You Ready For A Free Initial Consultation With A Real Estate Attorney?

While my office is in Kansas City, Kansas, I have clients in Kansas and Missouri. Tell me about your real estate matter by calling 913-624-3732 or send me a message online.